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If you choose to use our installation service then you are assured of getting a great finish to what is probably the most important aspect of the entire doors and windows process.

Installation, if not done correctly, can hinder the performance of any bifolding door, entry door, internal door or window. Making sure this process is done by a people that specifically specialise in this type of work is of the utmost importance, just because someone is a qualified carpenter doesn’t mean that the work will be completed to the high standard you should expect.

There is a large grey area in our field when it comes to the standard of installation that doors and windows should be done to, so who best to judge other than you, the person whos home the work is getting completed on.

Briefly explained in our about page, is the option that if our installers are used then only a deposit is required for the entire job, the balance is not due until the job has been completed and that you are happy. This kind of option for clients is certainly not one that everyone can offer, the quality of workmanship has to be at a consistently high level for anyone to offer this. We have 100% confidence in our teams abilities and know that everyone who decides to use one of our team members for the installation of their doors or windows will get an outstanding end to our entire service. The installation, being the last port of call in peoples minds, is the be all and end all when it comes to the overall thought of how good the service was by any given company. If the installation is not done correctly then regardless of how all the other processes went, the overall impression is going to be of a bad one. Our aim is to give you the client the peace of mind that the goods you have purchased will get installed correctly and on time as scheduled, and to a standard that we would be happy with if it were at our own homes.

This type of quality can only be achieved by the fact that we have are very strict with the carpenter we use, if we ever need to source a new installer we are very strict with them from the outset as to what we expect our installers to do when fitting our products, no corners are cut, nothing is rushed and things need to be done to a standard that would be good enough for our own homes. Our installers are constantly booked up for 3-4 weeks during the year and can sometimes stretch out to 5-6 weeks in the lead up to Christmas. In cases where clients are not prepared to wait for our installers we will simply not take on the work, regardless of how big or small a job may be we are simply not willing to risk our reputation to increase turnover, this obviously only applies to jobs where installation is required, any jobs that are supply only we can still offer a free quotation.

From jobs as small as replacing a single internal door to more elaborate jobs like removing aluminium windows and sliders for timber French or bifolding doors, our installers will do their job to the highest standard.

Other areas that we can assist in supplying and installing doors to your home are:

  • Converting windows into doors - Cutting brickwork and removing window, then fitting timber doors or bifolds. This process is done over 2 days, we have a contact that can do all the preperation work to get the opening ready for us, they come in the day before we are booked to install the door, get the opening prepared and sheet it up so nu unwanted bugs or weather get in overnight, we then come in the following day and fit out the door system ready for the client to paint or stain.

  • Corner windows into doors - Remove all windows or sliders, fit French doors or bifolds, open up and create that indoor outdoor feel.

  • Internal openings that go all the way to the ceiling - this entire process is done by our team, the top is comprised of studwork and gyprock and brought down to standard door frame height, then the frame and door is installed and all the joints are flushed. It may be an opening into your laundry or games room, or into a theatre room, can be done any width and any height.

  • Open plan living room enclosed into theatre rooms - again all studwork with gyprock giving the impression of brickwork. Leave an opening for a double door and put some nice French doors on. (option for sound proof gyprock and insulation bats available)

  • Enclosing your alfresco - have an area you can utilize in winter as well as in summer, bifold doors to all edges, or fix doors in as windows so that you can position your outdoor furniture up against it. Any height any width can be achieved upto 3 mtrs high and upto 10 mtrs wide.

  • Entry doors - Double doors or single doors, this is the statement that you want to set for the rest of your home, can be a very personal touch to your home.

  • Internal doors - change any or all of your internal doors to whatever style you like, can be hung on any existing frame, metal or timber and even if theres no frame atall, we can convert it.

All mess created whilst installing our doors or windows will be cleaned up and left in the same state it was before any of our installation teams arrived.  


Make sure you ask questions about installation processes so that you find out before its too late.


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