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Bifold doors are a great way to create a sense of space, combine and indoor outdoor area or open up a corner of your home to allow a seemless flow between indoors and out.

With a maximum of 8 doors per unit and the longest track lengths being 6 mtrs, we can design a bifold door for you that can span anywhere from 1.1 mtrs all the way upto 12mtrs, and anywhere in between.

Here at perth bifold doors we only use Brio hardware for all our bifold doors and windows. Brio® folding hardware is designed with the elements in mind with extensive use of 316 cast stainless steel, stainless steel bearings and architectural grade stainless steel components. To further safeguard against corrosion, Brio® is one of only a few global companies to passivate all visual stainless steel surfaces and electro-polish all cast stainless components. This removes contaminates, greatly reducing or eliminating surface rust often referred to as ‘tea-staining’.

All timber bifolds installed by perth bifold doors are done using the correct installation methods, we do not supply or install pre made and pre shaped systems.  The only parts that can be pre fitted, that dont hinder or change if a door is trimmed a few mm's, is the flush bolts and the weatherseals down one edge of each door, the locks themselves cannot and should not be pre fitted just in case the doors need trimming to a specific shape and size.

When fixing bifold timber frames to the brickwork or studwork, you should always secure the frame to the opening before any doors are cut and shaped, it is common sense. If the frame gets pulled out of square even as little as 2 or 3mm and you have pre trimmed doors, then you will have created a 2 or 3mm gap that has not been catered for when the doors were originally trimmed. Bifold doors have minimal gaps so that they slide effortlessly and completely seal from the weather, so any extra gaps that get created cannot only hinder the performance of your bifold, but also let unwanted weather find its way into your home.

All bifold door installations done by Perth Bifold Doors are guaranteed to be custom made at your home in the following sequence of major steps.

Step 1: Prepare the opening ready for install of the bifold frame, removal of any existing products that have been quoted to be removed

Step 2: Assemble bifold frame and secure to opening ready for doors

Step 3: Re measure inside of frame and shape doors to suit measured size

Step 4: Trim any doors that need shaping to the frame size and install all the hardware

Step 5: Install square bead around frame inside and outside and test bifold door, demonstrate to client operation of new bifold door.

Every timber bifold supplied and installed by perth bifold doors will make a dramatic change to the look and value of your home, and you can rest assure that the entire process from quote through to installation will be something you will only be willing to tell your friends and family about.

Coupled with the strength and beauty of perth bifold doors solid timber bifolds is the 6.38 laminated safety glass that we use for all of our bifolds. Laminated glass is like what is used in the windscreens of your car, if hit with enough force it sill simply crack, it will not break into large unsafe shards of glass. Laminated glass is made up of 2 pieces of glass and is adhered together via a thin clear membrane. The same process is used if any obscure glasses or tinted glasses are required, the membrane itself is what changes, instead of being clear we use a grey if a tinted look is wanted and an obscure membrane if the obscure look is wanted.

As well as the option of toughened and laminated glasses we have just introduced Double Glazing into our glass range. Double glazing, at a minimum of 14mm thick, is an insulated glass system that consists of two toughened sheets of glass separated by an aluminium spacer and hermetically sealed around the periphery. There are many benefits to Double Glazing as compared to the other glass panels on offer, some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It will significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases,
  • It will improve the Energy Rating assessment of your home,
  • It will make a major reduction in the level of noise that enters your home,
  • It will virtually eliminate condensation in winter months,
  • It will improve the security aspect of your home 10 fold,
  • & it will Increase the value of your home significantly.

Please visit our Gallery for pictures of bifolding doors supplied and installed by perth bifold doors, and for any quotes you may need please contact us with your quantities and sizes via email through the contact page. If you would prefer to speak to us over the phone you can contact us during work hours via 1300 pbdoors (1300 723667), otherwise you can drop into our showroom and speak to us in person.



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