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Timber windows are a great way of increasing the value and street presence of your home as well as creating a nice warm feeling inside and out. All of perth bifold doors timber windows are locally made right here in Perth and are available in 3 different solid timbers, Dark Red Meranti, Jarrah or Victorian Ash.

Here at perth bifold doors we offer you 3 different options when it comes to opening your timber windows, Awning, Casement or folding.

Awning windows come with a lockable winder which winds the window open from the bottom. This is probably the most common window configuration we sell, as the function of the window itself is very easy to operate and it can be locked in any open position. Once the winder is locked, via a button, the winder can only be operated if you are closing the window, the winder cannot be operated to open the window further until it has been unlocked with the key. Awning windows can also come with flyscreens which are fixed into the rebate of the window frame itself, perfect for those who like their windows open at all times during the day or night without having to worry about flies or mozzies .

Casement windows open by turning the casement handle and pushing the window outwards. This is not as common as the Awning window and cannot be flyscreened as easily as the Awning types. Once the window is opened the sash itself moves into the centre of the window rather than the edge (like a hinge). Areas where casement windows are a little better than the awning windows are in areas where you may want to catch the breeze and direct it into your home (where breeze comes parallel with your windows) because of the sash sticking outwards it will catch the breeze and re direct it into your home.

Folding windows open the same as the bigger bifold doors do, all folding upto one side or being split in the middle. This type of window is becoming a very popular choice for the people who are trying to achieve an indoor / outdoor feel to their homes. Most commonly used between the kitchen and the outdoor area they are a perfect way to serve food or drinks from the kitchen out to the entertaining area without having to walk them through, simply open up the bifold window and use it as a servery.

Coupled with the strength and beauty of perth bifold doors solid timber windows is the 6.38 laminated safety glass that we use for all of our timber windows. Laminated glass is like what is used in the windscreens of your car, if hit with enough force it sill simply crack, it will not break into large unsafe shards of glass. Laminated glass is made up of 2 pieces of glass and is adhered together via a thin clear membrane. The same process is used if any obscure glasses or tinted glasses are required, the membrane itself is what changes, instead of being clear we use a grey if a tinted look is wanted and an obscure membrane if the obscure look is wanted.

As well as the option of toughened and laminated glasses we have just introduced Double Glazing into our glass range. Double glazing, at a minimum of 14mm thick, is an insulated glass system that consists of two toughened sheets of glass separated by an aluminium spacer and hermetically sealed around the periphery. There are many benefits to Double Glazing as compared to other glass panels, some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It will significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases,
  • It will improve the Energy Rating assessment of your home,
  • It will make a major reduction in the level of noise that enters your home,
  • It will virtually eliminate condensation in winter months,
  • It will improve the security aspect of your home 10 fold,
  • & it will Increase the value of your home significantly.

As all windows are custom made there is no standard size or price, so for all your window requirements please fill out the contact form with sizes and quantities so that we can start the quotation process. If you would prefer to speak to us over the phone you can contact us during work hours via 1300 pbdoors (1300 723667), otherwise you can drop into our showroom and speak to us in person.

Please take the time to visit our Gallery for pictures of timber windows that we have supplied and installed all over Perth.


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